A winner’s stepping stone: A lesson from cross country

“The master has failed more times than the student has tried.”
– Stephen Craine

I’ve come to observe that failure is not the opposite of success. Yes, it can contradict success at times. Such as failing to get the girl you flirted with; or losing a big match. Failure is not the opposite of success, but a stepping stone toward it (the opposite of success is inaction).

Some can read this and assess this to be a loser’s mindset, but the fact of the matter is there is not a winner out there who doesn’t lose. What does one do when they face that ever looming L?

I consider a story of my junior year. I ran cross country for Daegu American School and at the end of the year I was named mvp of the season for my team. I placed in the top 15 runners to be considered for the “All-Conference” medal and title in KAIAC (Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference). I placed 15th out of roughly 50 runners and I ran a low 19 minute 5k. But, this story isn’t about me and my barely notable performance. This story is about one of my friends from when I went to Seoul American High School, John Lohr.

The name my group came up with for our little entourage was the pheasants (PHEASANTS! *cough*… sorry). John was on the Halo team we put together, someone who played a shit load of Magic the Gathering, and a damn fine runner. When I moved to Taegu my junior year, I still spoke with John regularly, especially at cross country meets. He was vying for the top spot, to be the fastest runner for the season. He was running low 17 minute 5k races, even 16 minute times. He placed first in most of our meets, if he wasn’t first, it was a dood by the name of Kazuki. By the time it came to the final race at KAIAC, John ran a 16:55 and came in second to Kazuki, who broke the course record with 16:44. John was running with him for most of the race. If I remember correctly, Kazuki had a burst of speed at the last quarter mile, extending the lead he barely had throughout the race with John.

John wasn’t even mad. Sure, he was upset he didn’t win, but he wasn’t angry. He just humbly finished, more upset at his performance than his loss. But he did all with such a modest smile. What is so great about John is how wide he smiles, it’s a contagious affect. When I met him a few months later while I was in Seoul for some reason or another, I saw a quote he wrote, “If you don’t win the race, make the guy in front of you beat the course record.”

This mindset was so profound to me when I first read it. I stewed on it for years (as my readers will see). This mindset is such a great way to perceive loss. It reminds me of an ethic I’ve seen repeated in sports anime. In a tournament, when a team loses, of course, they’re upset they lose (especially if they put in all their effort to succeed). However, the team that loses, cheers on the team that beat them, supporting them to go into the finals and win it all; because at worst, if the winning team wins it all, you lost to only the best.

I think these are two examples of what it means to be a gracious loser. Losing will happen. Don’t be afraid to lose… be afraid you didn’t train or try hard enough to win. If you put everything on the line and lose regardless, that means you only need to work harder to get to where your definition of success is.

Go Warriors

Nicko Kim

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Meet The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Hey Psyche-Squad, it’s your host Tina Marie here! I’m so excited to introduce to you guys… THE FANTABULOUS PEOPLE OF OUR CAST! I think it’s only fair that you have the chance to put faces to our voices, see a little background on who we are and gain insight to our shared dream.

Oddly enough, this podcast was birthed out of a Facebook rant and evolved into a shared vision at the height of the pandemic. Are you tired of listening to conversations that become one-sided or discussions that start civil and turn unpleasant? I know I am. And so it began…

There is something unequivocally special about each individual within our group. To me, their quintessential minds are the epitome of what free-thinking needs to look like. What I find particularly disappointing in social settings, is the ignorant and uninformed way many tend to approach discussion. The Psyche-Cast wants to offer an alternative to the way society converses and debates with one another. We believe we can modify this concept in a genuinely raw and respectful manner by highlighting the famous saying, “agree to disagree.” This idea seems to be fundamentally lacking in this modern era. We believe we bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the conversational realm while unveiling the true meaning of free speech.

Prepare to meet a tribe unlike any you have ever witnessed. We all strive to find belonging in this world, but it is truly enchanting when people from all walks of life are graciously gifted with a platform to stand upon and voice our (mostly positive) opinions to a decaying society.

The Psyche-Delic Podcast is comprised of a group of every-day extraordinary humans that give doctors and philosophers a run for their money. Call us the “Jacks and Jills” of a trade that has yet to be named. We want to express our knowledge and wisdom to add multi-dimensional perspectives on familiar (sometimes unfamiliar) and thought-provoking topics. Delve with us into the lightest and darkest facets of the human psyche. Join us along our journey; you just might catch a glimpse into the metaphysical expression of our souls.

What People Say via Apple Podcasts

This is an amazing podcast!!! The hosts have an excellent way to make you think differently, with their different backgrounds (from poets, to social anthropologists, to conspiracy theorists), opinions, and expertise they create a very unique way to talk about daily topics that need to be talked about from racism to marijuana use, this is the podcast you need to tune in.

Andrea Munoz

“The host has a great panel that seems to all have different perspectives on all topics. Having listened from the first episode, which just came out last month I think… There’s noticeable improvement with every episode. Out of the box opinions, facts, eccentric guests and seamless humor are what makes this a must-listen show.”


“Everyone has a hot take on a hot topic, but what’s so refreshing is that the hosts are so open-minded and don’t seem to come into discussing those topics with preconceived notions. Definitely a fun listening and love the attitude that they take with each topic.”


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Hey! It’s Tina Marie, host of The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Tina Marie Trimpert, claims to be a “one and done” mother. She is the loving wife of Robert Trimpert and their beautiful daughter, Aurora. Can you guess her nationality? You’re probably mistaken. Born in Tokyo, Japan, doesn’t mean she’s Japanese. Hailing from a Filipina mother and Norwegian father, she was raised on and around military bases across the world. Blessed to experience many different cultures, she learned to speak four languages fluently and believes that every human is perfect, even when they feel insignificant. Trauma, loss, and depression are not unfamiliar to her, yet she remains in tact, as you can see. Former SAG actress and model, she doubted herself often, feeling as if the world was an unfair competition in an unbeatable game. After dealing with her personal demons, she learned how to properly grieve, substitute loneliness with love, and continues to keep pushing to be a better person no matter what curve-balls are thrown.

Hello, it’s Dawn Wallace of The Psyche-Delic Podcast!

Dawn Wallace is a well traveled third-culture person, mother and army wife with a degree in Cultural Anthropology who spent most of her career as a journalist. Now she’s pursuing her dream as a homesteader and homeschooling her children in North Carolina. Dawn dabbles in art and spiritual practices, loves to be outdoors and is an amateur hobby naturalist. The resident shaman of the show brings a unique, esoteric flavor to the podcast team.

Whaddaya know, it’s Nicko Kim of The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Nicko Kim is a poetry slam champion, published author, and student to life. He was raised in a military family and currently resides in McHenry, Illinois, where he’ll be starting his Master’s degree in English at Northern Illinois University. He got his bachelor’s degree in English, as well.
He works for a company as a youth care worker, helping young men growing up in the foster care system. Self-proclaimed memesmith, Nicko is a poet, song writer/singer, and rapper. Wrapping together all of his experiences throughout his life into the whole package that is his art.

Holy smokes, it’s Chris Capstaff of The Psyche-Delic Podcast alongside his beautiful wife, Jess!

Hello I’m Christopher, I’m just your normal true crime, gaming, macabre, and history junkie. I’m from a small town in North Carolina renowned for its golf. I’m married to a wonderful woman who puts up with my various interests, and odd desire for historical items. I joined the crew a few weeks in after reviewing the amazing content offered from a blooming podcast. I found it insightful, comical, and engaging. As an avid listener of usually more macabre subjects I found a nice break with this ensemble of humans. My goal in life is to become a counselor, to assist people through dark times and maybe help overcome. I tend to be a bit comedic, and once you get me going I won’t stop.

Boom! It’s Robert Trimpert of The Psyche-Delic Podcast!

Hi, my name is, what? My name is, who? My name is, chka-chka, Robert Trimpert. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina. I descended from an honest ancestry of hard-working hat and belt makers. Exciting times. This explains why I’m allured to hands-on activities. At some point, a member of the family made it big in the corporate world and decided to condemn the very path in which he came from, broke the law and supreme court hearings proceeded (see Wolthausen v Trimpert). I come from a bloodline of good and bad but who doesn’t? I spent my happiest years in North Yorkshire, England on a base because my dad was Navy. This set the standard of my expectation for life to be somewhat joyous. At one time or another, we all get tainted by the world though. Once we realize that, we learn to grow and adapt and that’s something I’ve always been adept at. I grew up playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, racket-ball, and just about any other sport, you can think of. I appreciate these skills I developed but these games were only a deterrent to the greatness I know I can become.  I spent most of my years in Maryland where I learned how to be a bully to fit in, try to people please, and be as popular as possible. I’m not that person anymore. Tripping on acid, I had a massive awakening in the form of a Bob Marley concert on Youtube. Countless doorways unlocked in my brain. My friend ensued to make it rain with his tears(literally). I recognized that divine things happen. I realized the meaning of life on this one unforgettable night. The answer to life is love. I value all walks of life and strive to further my intellect and search for wisdom in whatever way I can. My beautiful wife and sweet daughter are what drive me to stay balanced and become a better person. This podcast, that my wife and I share is all I’ve ever wanted and I didn’t realize it until it became a reality. I want to share my experiences and learn from others to grow more. So here I am. GOD is great.

Antisocial Personality Disorder Pt. 1


Join Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as they discuss Antisocial Personality Disorder. People with ASPD can’t understand others’ feelings. They’ll often break the law or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause. The terms sociopath and psychopath are becoming obsolete as ASPD has quickly become the latest household terminology in the world of Psychology. What does the DSM-5 have to say about ASPD and how does this disorder compare to Narcissistic Personality Disorder? If you can develop it genetically and environmentally, then who is really to blame for the cause of this ugly affliction? This subject can become very complicated and may leave you with even more questions than you came with. Stay tuned for the future release of part 2 and join The TPDP crew as they search for answers.

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Psychic and Medium Artie Hoffman

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“NAPALM (Instrumental Version)” By: PinkLooksWhite

“Finding a Dream” By: Lishuid

1:25 Changing Terminology

1:40 10 Personality Disorders

2:10 Defining ASPD

2:40 Impulsive, Irresponsible, Criminal Behavior

3:20 Clusters of Personality Disorders

4:20 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

5:20 No Regrets

5:40 A Step Above Narcissism

7:15 Refer to the DSM-5

7:25 Signs you may have ASPD

7:35 No Interest in Normal Social Behaviors

7:45 Unsustainable Relationships

8:05 Anger and Breaking Points

8:25 Lack of Guilt

9:05 Are Men or Women More Affected?

9:25 Genetics and PTSD

10:00 Alcohol and Substance Abuse

10:05 Family Conflict

11:00 Mythstorie Mid-roll

11:15 Ego vs. Violence

12:00 Reckless Behavior

12:40 Burning All Bridges

13:00 Therapy

13:15 Anger Management

13:35 They are Still Human

14:15 Not a Spiritual Disorder

14:30 Therapy Failures

15:15 Crippling

15:55 Afflicted

16:05 Pity

16:55 Living up to the Title

17:10 Misinformation

17:30 Psychopath and Sociopath

19:15 The Three Criteria’s

19:55 Can’t Plan for the Future

20:15 Blind Rage of Fury

20:30 Destructive Actions

23.05 Bipolar Disorder

23:30 Gray Area

24:00 Multiple Mental Illnesses

25:25 Misdiagnosis

26:00 A Badge of Dishonor

26:30 Disability

27:25 Can Behavior Improve?

27:40 Proper Treatment

28:40  Who’s the Victim Here?

31:00 Final Thoughts and Sponsors

Cults Pt. 1


In this full panel episode, The Psyche-Delic Podcast breaks down some well known Cults. Would you have expected one of the panel members to have attended a satanic cult before? Join them as they break down some characteristics of cult leaders and cults alike and also discuss prominent cults such as Jim Jones’ “People’s Temple”, Susan and Tony Alamos’ “Alamo Christian Foundation”, a bizarre Japanese foot cult, and more. Stay tuned for part 2 later this season, as they drop the top 10 most famous cults.

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“Like in Old Times” By: Magnus Ringblom Quartet

Narcissism Miniseries Pt. 3


Rob and Tina-Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast wrap up this miniseries on narcissism and narcissism personality disorder (NPD). 12 weird things you might see a narcissist do and 5 important myths (and facts) about narcissism are discussed. Do you have NPD or do you display characteristics of being a narcissist? If you do, it may not be your fault. If this is negatively impacting your life and loved ones, you can change and there are solutions available. In this episode, a lot of questions from parts 1 and 2 are answered.

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“Power Lunch” By: Jobii

“No More Lies” By: Push N’ Glide

Southern Charm and The Wild West with Director Bill Foster | Livestream


Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast interviews director, writer, and actor Bill Foster in this captivating interview. This true southern gentleman speaks candidly about his journey and experiences in the film industry. Coming from humble beginnings, Bill is enjoying early success as a director in his endeavors. In just 4 years in the industry, Bill has already won several awards for his screenplay “I’ve Got Your 6” and just wrapped “Showdown on the Brazos,” with many ideas in place for future production. A true connoisseur at creating the perfect time period piece, Mr. Foster has a unique ability to truly captivate his audience with his attention to detail and precision. Link to the livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPOltqwnZNM&t=4s

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“Showdown on the Brazos”

“I’ve Got Your 6”

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Psychic and Medium Artie Hoffman

365 Broadcasting Network

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“West of the Soul” By: River Foxcroft

“Cowboy Song” By: Sight of Wonders

1:00 A Famous Hat

3:50 Wild West Costuming

5:00 Time Period Correct

5:30 The Effects of Covid on Set

7:20 “A Big, Big Shoot!”

8:25 Jeff Davis

10:10 “Tell the Devil I Said Hello”

10:40 The Art of Casting Extras

11:45 When the Outlaws Take Over the Town

13:15 Real Guns on Set

14:40 1880’s Wardrobe

16:30 Accessorizing a Cowboy

18:20 The Austin Film Festival

18:40 A Cast Full of Veterans

19:00 Award-Winning Short “I’ve Got Your 6”

19:20 Getting Started in the Film Industry

19:50 James Parks and Christoph Waltz

20:15 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

20:50 “Showdown on the Brazos”

21:50 Future Projects

24:05 The Role of a Strong Woman

25:10 A Vietnam War Playwright

28:40 Quail Whistle Vineyard

30:00 “I Heard The Quail Whistle

31:00 “Showdown on the Guadalupe”

33:20 Sabrehead

35:00 Stephen F. Austin and The Texas Rangers

36:50 “Fear The Walking Dead”

39:40 Meeting Pierce Brosnan

40:45 Evan Evans and Bill Evans

41:00 The Coen Brothers

42:55 Bill’s Style of Directing

43:40 Tips for Extras

45:35 Realistic Sets

46:50 Bill’s Inspiration

47:35 Coloration

48:40 Research

49:30 Drinking Beer in The Vietnam War

50:50 Words of Advice

Narcissism Miniseries Pt.2


In this consecutive panel episode, The Psyche-Delic Podcast discusses the five sub-categories of narcissism not listed in the DSM-5. Many references are made to serial killers such as Arthur Shawcross, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein. Personal experiences are shared such as past relationships with narcissists, gaslighting, cheating and parental influence. Narcissistic abuse is touched on and Ep. 3 will be all about this topic. If you are in this type of relationship, get out before it is too late. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and things always get better with time. If you are suffering from narcissistic abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or e-mail us at TPDPcrew@gmail.com


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“Never or Right Now” By: ELFL
“Anyway” By: LED Monster


1:20 Sub-categories of Narcissism
1:30 The Amorous Narcissist
2:45 Arthur Shawcross “The Genessee River Killer”
3:20 The Unprincipled Narcissist
5:00 The Arrogance of Ted Bundy
6:00 Two Sides to Every Story
6:45 We All Display Some Traits
7:20 Compensatory Narcissism
8:30 John Wayne Gacy’s Over-compensation
9:50 Napolean Complex
11:00 Dawn’s Ex’s
11:55 Chris’ Ex
12:00 Gaslighting
13:15 “Everybody in High School was a Narcissist”
13:40 Conscious vs. Unconscious
14:20 365 Broadcasting Shoutout
14:25 The Elitist Narcissist
15:20 Growing Up Around Narcissism
16:00 Tina’s Realization
16:45 Baby Boomers
18:15 Chris’ Retail Experiences
19:35 Audible Sponsorship Ad
20:30 The Normal Narcissist
21:15 Not a Team Player
21:45 Participation Trophies
23:00 Ed Gein’s Mommy Issues
24:15 “Funny How That Works”
25:10 Tina Mocks Rascal Flatts
25:40 Inro to Narcissistic Abuse (Ep. 3 Topic)
28:40 Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
30:00 Dawn’s Testimony
32:45 Chris’ Testimony
35:55 Get Out Before It’s Too Late
35:55 “If They Are Cheating On You, Leave”
36:55 A Light at the End of the Tunnel
37:15 We Are Here For You

Superpowers and Tig Ol’ Bitties


What superpowers do you wish you could have? This episode including the entire panel of The Psyche-Delic Podcast gets a little out of control. Ozzy Osbourne, an appetite for Cessnas and real life superheroes are discussed along with an abundance of laughter and childish humor.
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“Never or Right Now” By: ELFL
“Anyway” By: LED Monster

Artie Hoffman and his Angels

By Dawn Wallace

Have you ever wanted to speak to a loved one that has passed away? Do you wish you could receive guidance on your relationship issues that seem to keep reoccuring?

Artie Hoffman is our favorite psychic and medium, and has blown us away with his show Angels and Answers. He also has a book by the same title. He recently appeared on our live stream with Tina Marie interviewing him.

Artie’s story is a bit unconventional from many psychics in the field. He grew up in New Jersey as a typical boy; class clown, not great at school, outgoing and highly involved in sports. He was friends with everyone in the neighborhood. As a youth, he wanted to be a counselor, because he liked to help people. But how he got there was not the usual way.

Frustrated with life in general, he was seeking something fun and different to do for his 27th birthday. He saw an ad in the paper for a class on how to get in touch with your psychic abilities and pitched the idea to his significant other, who had no intention of joining him. He signed up, “for shits and giggles,” he says.

What he encountered was a multi-day course in which he and others attending were instructed on getting in touch with and listening to their intuition by speaking on the first thing that came to mind with open hearts and practice. What astounded him was that many in the class said he was incredibly accurate.

A short while later, he was in need of fast cash when life caught up to him. He decided to put his own ad out for psychic readings, and said people only needed to pay if he was accurate. To his surprise, 90% of people paid and he made an astonishing amount of money. That was the beginning of his mediumship career.

From there it has grown into “Artie Parties,” galleries hosted in large venues, a book with another in the making, and a highly popular live event he hosts on his Facebook page.

He says when he is out and about, he switches his ability off. “Because I don’t care,” he says with a laugh. He’s a lighthearted, smiling guy with a soft heart and a clear understanding of how to get in touch with what people need the most, even when it’s not always clear to him why he is saying the things he is saying. He is tapping in to what his angels are telling him, and his messages have profound impact on his listeners.

“I was crying, ” said Tina Marie about his show. “I think everyone in there was crying.”

His readings are very specific, and he brings in details that cannot be disputed. A tattoo that commemorates a father, a grandmother’s nickname, a specific activity two people used to enjoy together that others may not know about. These are facts that leave people shocked. How else could he know?

You can find out more about Artie on his Facebook profile, his website, or you can order his book here.

From Heroin death to Addiction Hero

By Dawn Wallace

*Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see updates on our show’s new features and sponsors.

Addiction is a real and not-so-silent killer in our society that few have the courage to talk about, let alone address with practical solutions. In an interview conducted by Tina Marie and Rob from our panel of non-experts, comes a much needed conversation: What to actually do about this pandemic.

Chase Hill, founder of Raider Recovery, was the guest in this episode. He is leading efforts to reduce the number of overdoses in recovery programs by changing the conversation around recovery. He says the setup of half-way houses actually leads to more overdoses than one would think due to the lack of oversight, accountability and stability.

“The current model is broken, but we aren’t here to fix it. We’re here to build a new one,” says Hill.

A sense of community, the feeling of belonging – these are a few key factors that help an addict recover and keep them from relapsing, or using drugs again. Half-way houses provide a place for recovering addicts to live at low cost, but there is virtually no drug testing, no checking in and no sense of community or family. Many addicts have struggled to the point where they no longer have close relationships with their families or friends from their life before addiction. Some never had that to begin with. To be fresh out of rehab or prison with no place to go and no one to stand by your side who loves you and wants the best for you can easily drive someone back into the clutches of the familiar cycle that led to the destruction in the first place.

Many half-way houses are built in low-income neighborhoods with fewer resources because people in upscale or middle-class neighbors refuse to vote them in. Think about that. No nice parks or stores nearby, and likely more prevalence of drugs. Easy access.

Hill’s idea is to create homes in places with better resources, and to create a deeper sense of community and accountability for those who enter to live. And why does he care?

He has struggled with addiction himself. In the show, he talks about how easy it was to escape the reality of family issues through trying different drugs, starting with marijuana at age 13. Just a few years later, he was using cocaine regularly intravenously. One night, he accidentally used what he thought was heroin instead of cocaine and instantly died. He doesn’t even recall the moment after choosing to do the drug.

What’s captivating about the story is Hill’s frankness. He tells it clearly, directly and unashamed. I can only imagine this is how he would speak to other recovering addicts, or addicts who are struggling and hope to recover. Perhaps someone so frank about their own experience would be best to reach those with no hope.

And that is his goal. He mentions in the show, after speaking about the fundraiser he is planning for his house and program (more on that to come), that even if the dream doesn’t become a reality, he is still available for anyone struggling to reach out to.

The interview itself is delivered with compassion for people who have made some destructive choices, and points out that we all make mistakes. There is no judgement, no hatred or disrespect around the conversation, and it shifted something inside of me when the point was made that while many people talk about wanting to help those in recovery, not many people will actually contribute funds or time to doing so. Consider how much of your time or money you’d be willing to contribute to help someone get back on their feet and become a productive member of society once again.

You can donate to the Raider Recovery program here or reach Chase Hill on his personal profile to contribute in other ways.

We have a few new features in Season 2 of The Psyche-Delic Podcast. Tina and I will be going live every 2 weeks until I can no longer do so. My goal is to keep podcasting until I give birth, but we shall see! For private readings, simply email me at yourcosmicpossum@gmail.com.

Another great feature is our sponsors, to whom we give much appreciation and deepest thanks! Please check out Psychic Medium Artie Hoffman, author of the book “Angels and Answers.” He goes live on his Facebook page often where people can ask him questions about their loved ones who have passed or other deep matters.

Jupiter CBD oil (USDA Organic) is another one of our top sponsors, and you can receive a 10% discount on their products by using promo code TINA at checkout! Tina Marie and Rob have both used the products and have said it is hands down the best CBD oil they have ever tried.

Be sure not to miss our mini-series on Narcissism as a new feature in this season, and be sure to check out this one-on-one interview I conducted with Tonya Vandenwollenberg on feminine energy!

If you have any specific topics you want to see us cover, leave it in the comments or email us at TPDPcrew@gmail.com.

Feminine Energy, Codependency, and Self-Compassion


Dawn conducts an interview with a feminine energy coach, Tonya Vandenwollenberg. Conditioning patterns, avoidance, and vulnerability of being a woman are discussed to great lengths. Diving deep within the core of femininity, solutions are presented to important issues such as feeling unworthy, harboring resentments, forgiveness, emotional health, codependency, and being ridiculed by loved ones. Prepare to gain some positive introspection and take back control of your life by reclaiming responsibility over yourself and enhancing spiritual energies to move past traumas and uncover your higher self.

Song: “Nothing Like Wine” (Instrumental Version)
Song: “Miika’s Journey”

Narcissism Miniseries Pt. 1


In the first part of this miniseries on narcissism, Rob and Tina Marie discuss NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), Machiavellianism, and a little bit of sociopathy and psychopathy. The two base types of Narcissism, according to the DSM 5, are pathological and maladaptive. Negative characteristics such as grandiosity, fantasies of power, false self-perception, entitlement, exploitation, lack of empathy, envy, and arrogance are all addressed and assessed. Are narcissists self-aware? Would one ever admit to having this disorder? Tune in to part two coming soon with the whole panel!

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Song: “SpinS”
Song: “Spare Changes” (Instrumental Version)


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