Artie Hoffman and his Angels

By Dawn Wallace Have you ever wanted to speak to a loved one that has passed away? Do you wish you could receive guidance on your relationship issues that seem to keep reoccuring? Artie Hoffman is our favorite psychic and medium, and has blown us away with his show Angels and Answers. He also hasContinue reading “Artie Hoffman and his Angels”

From Heroin death to Addiction Hero

By Dawn Wallace *Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see updates on our show’s new features and sponsors. Addiction is a real and not-so-silent killer in our society that few have the courage to talk about, let alone address with practical solutions. In an interview conducted by Tina Marie and Rob from ourContinue reading “From Heroin death to Addiction Hero”

Menstrual cups and Mindfulness in Mumbai

By Dawn Wallace, resident Shaman A young, female entrepreneur in Bombay (Mumbai), India created a safe space for the first time for many, introducing judgement-free expression and menstrual cups, among other things. In our most recent interview, Maitreyi Bhatia (24) talks about starting a business out of boredom in college, and quickly surpassing her ownContinue reading “Menstrual cups and Mindfulness in Mumbai”

Interview with a Time Traveler

Written by Dawn Wallace An old friend of mine happens to be one of the strongest astral projectors around. That means he can leave his body and go places at will, while sleeping. I interviewed him one on one, and he shall remain nameless, but you can hear the full half hour interview here. AstralContinue reading “Interview with a Time Traveler”

Self-Projected Ethics: A root of anger

We as humans have defined for ourselves a code of conduct and ethics for actions we take and decisions we make. We all have a definition of what “right” looks like in our head. Thus, when we see another act in a way that goes against what we have defined as what right looks like,Continue reading “Self-Projected Ethics: A root of anger”

The Psyche-Delic Pod vCon Appearance

By Dawn Wallace, resident shaman Talk about a rocket-ship to the moon! Our first convention attendance was a slam-dunk and we are still sailing on it. Let me start by explaining that it was a virtual convention hosted through Facebook and StreamYard because Covid, which needs no introduction. It was free to attend, you justContinue reading “The Psyche-Delic Pod vCon Appearance”

Looking At Perspective: An assessment of egocentricity, ethnocentricity, and altruism

I’ve found myself wanting to define these terms, but I consider it rather difficult to find something that makes this topic not come off as a dry piece of prose. I’ll attempt to stay on my toes to ensure I’m keeping my readers entertained enough to continue reading. These terms are fun for me becauseContinue reading “Looking At Perspective: An assessment of egocentricity, ethnocentricity, and altruism”

When Healers Converge

As the resident shaman of The Psyche-Delic Podcast, I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on another podcast, called The Diametric Convergence, and it blew my mind. Brandon and Andrew, the hosts of the show, have known each other most of their lives. Their show is similar to ours, in that they discussContinue reading “When Healers Converge”

Have you been Mandela’ed?

There may be evidence to suggest we now live in a different reality than the one we grew up in. Our latest episode was about this evidence, and we let it have its way with our hearts and minds as we explored the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect was a term coined by blogger FionaContinue reading “Have you been Mandela’ed?”

Psychedelics and Healing: An Author Tells His Story

Our latest episode centered around one man’s journey to self-healing through the use of psychedelics, and how it became a book. Faced with losing family members at a young age, Antonio Decunto hardened himself to others, described himself as building a tough-guy, cowboy persona and was often on the defensive. Instead of smiling at others,Continue reading “Psychedelics and Healing: An Author Tells His Story”

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