Artie Hoffman and his Angels

By Dawn Wallace

Have you ever wanted to speak to a loved one that has passed away? Do you wish you could receive guidance on your relationship issues that seem to keep reoccuring?

Artie Hoffman is our favorite psychic and medium, and has blown us away with his show Angels and Answers. He also has a book by the same title. He recently appeared on our live stream with Tina Marie interviewing him.

Artie’s story is a bit unconventional from many psychics in the field. He grew up in New Jersey as a typical boy; class clown, not great at school, outgoing and highly involved in sports. He was friends with everyone in the neighborhood. As a youth, he wanted to be a counselor, because he liked to help people. But how he got there was not the usual way.

Frustrated with life in general, he was seeking something fun and different to do for his 27th birthday. He saw an ad in the paper for a class on how to get in touch with your psychic abilities and pitched the idea to his significant other, who had no intention of joining him. He signed up, “for shits and giggles,” he says.

What he encountered was a multi-day course in which he and others attending were instructed on getting in touch with and listening to their intuition by speaking on the first thing that came to mind with open hearts and practice. What astounded him was that many in the class said he was incredibly accurate.

A short while later, he was in need of fast cash when life caught up to him. He decided to put his own ad out for psychic readings, and said people only needed to pay if he was accurate. To his surprise, 90% of people paid and he made an astonishing amount of money. That was the beginning of his mediumship career.

From there it has grown into “Artie Parties,” galleries hosted in large venues, a book with another in the making, and a highly popular live event he hosts on his Facebook page.

He says when he is out and about, he switches his ability off. “Because I don’t care,” he says with a laugh. He’s a lighthearted, smiling guy with a soft heart and a clear understanding of how to get in touch with what people need the most, even when it’s not always clear to him why he is saying the things he is saying. He is tapping in to what his angels are telling him, and his messages have profound impact on his listeners.

“I was crying, ” said Tina Marie about his show. “I think everyone in there was crying.”

His readings are very specific, and he brings in details that cannot be disputed. A tattoo that commemorates a father, a grandmother’s nickname, a specific activity two people used to enjoy together that others may not know about. These are facts that leave people shocked. How else could he know?

You can find out more about Artie on his Facebook profile, his website, or you can order his book here.

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