From Heroin death to Addiction Hero

By Dawn Wallace

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Addiction is a real and not-so-silent killer in our society that few have the courage to talk about, let alone address with practical solutions. In an interview conducted by Tina Marie and Rob from our panel of non-experts, comes a much needed conversation: What to actually do about this pandemic.

Chase Hill, founder of Raider Recovery, was the guest in this episode. He is leading efforts to reduce the number of overdoses in recovery programs by changing the conversation around recovery. He says the setup of half-way houses actually leads to more overdoses than one would think due to the lack of oversight, accountability and stability.

“The current model is broken, but we aren’t here to fix it. We’re here to build a new one,” says Hill.

A sense of community, the feeling of belonging – these are a few key factors that help an addict recover and keep them from relapsing, or using drugs again. Half-way houses provide a place for recovering addicts to live at low cost, but there is virtually no drug testing, no checking in and no sense of community or family. Many addicts have struggled to the point where they no longer have close relationships with their families or friends from their life before addiction. Some never had that to begin with. To be fresh out of rehab or prison with no place to go and no one to stand by your side who loves you and wants the best for you can easily drive someone back into the clutches of the familiar cycle that led to the destruction in the first place.

Many half-way houses are built in low-income neighborhoods with fewer resources because people in upscale or middle-class neighbors refuse to vote them in. Think about that. No nice parks or stores nearby, and likely more prevalence of drugs. Easy access.

Hill’s idea is to create homes in places with better resources, and to create a deeper sense of community and accountability for those who enter to live. And why does he care?

He has struggled with addiction himself. In the show, he talks about how easy it was to escape the reality of family issues through trying different drugs, starting with marijuana at age 13. Just a few years later, he was using cocaine regularly intravenously. One night, he accidentally used what he thought was heroin instead of cocaine and instantly died. He doesn’t even recall the moment after choosing to do the drug.

What’s captivating about the story is Hill’s frankness. He tells it clearly, directly and unashamed. I can only imagine this is how he would speak to other recovering addicts, or addicts who are struggling and hope to recover. Perhaps someone so frank about their own experience would be best to reach those with no hope.

And that is his goal. He mentions in the show, after speaking about the fundraiser he is planning for his house and program (more on that to come), that even if the dream doesn’t become a reality, he is still available for anyone struggling to reach out to.

The interview itself is delivered with compassion for people who have made some destructive choices, and points out that we all make mistakes. There is no judgement, no hatred or disrespect around the conversation, and it shifted something inside of me when the point was made that while many people talk about wanting to help those in recovery, not many people will actually contribute funds or time to doing so. Consider how much of your time or money you’d be willing to contribute to help someone get back on their feet and become a productive member of society once again.

You can donate to the Raider Recovery program here or reach Chase Hill on his personal profile to contribute in other ways.

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