Humanoids, Artificial Intelligence, and Robots

Have you heard of the humanoid robot that declared war on the human race and has citizenship in a major country? How many devices in your home are considered a robot or artificial intelligence? Join Chris aka “Cappy”, Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast in this season 2 premiere as they discuss the different possibilities our world is headed towards as robotics and A.I. evolve.

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Season 2 Teaser!

In this teaser for season 2, Rob of the Psyche-Delic Podcast interviews Tanya, an A.I. humanoid. Prepare yourselves for a much-improved season full of amazing production quality, content and skits! Stay tuned for Episode 1, being released soon Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Humanoids.

A winner’s stepping stone: A lesson from cross country

“The master has failed more times than the student has tried.”
– Stephen Craine

I’ve come to observe that failure is not the opposite of success. Yes, it can contradict success at times. Such as failing to get the girl you flirted with; or losing a big match. Failure is not the opposite of success, but a stepping stone toward it (the opposite of success is inaction).

Some can read this and assess this to be a loser’s mindset, but the fact of the matter is there is not a winner out there who doesn’t lose. What does one do when they face that ever looming L?

I consider a story of my junior year. I ran cross country for Daegu American School and at the end of the year I was named mvp of the season for my team. I placed in the top 15 runners to be considered for the “All-Conference” medal and title in KAIAC (Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference). I placed 15th out of roughly 50 runners and I ran a low 19 minute 5k. But, this story isn’t about me and my barely notable performance. This story is about one of my friends from when I went to Seoul American High School, John Lohr.

The name my group came up with for our little entourage was the pheasants (PHEASANTS! *cough*… sorry). John was on the Halo team we put together, someone who played a shit load of Magic the Gathering, and a damn fine runner. When I moved to Taegu my junior year, I still spoke with John regularly, especially at cross country meets. He was vying for the top spot, to be the fastest runner for the season. He was running low 17 minute 5k races, even 16 minute times. He placed first in most of our meets, if he wasn’t first, it was a dood by the name of Kazuki. By the time it came to the final race at KAIAC, John ran a 16:55 and came in second to Kazuki, who broke the course record with 16:44. John was running with him for most of the race. If I remember correctly, Kazuki had a burst of speed at the last quarter mile, extending the lead he barely had throughout the race with John.

John wasn’t even mad. Sure, he was upset he didn’t win, but he wasn’t angry. He just humbly finished, more upset at his performance than his loss. But he did all with such a modest smile. What is so great about John is how wide he smiles, it’s a contagious affect. When I met him a few months later while I was in Seoul for some reason or another, I saw a quote he wrote, “If you don’t win the race, make the guy in front of you beat the course record.”

This mindset was so profound to me when I first read it. I stewed on it for years (as my readers will see). This mindset is such a great way to perceive loss. It reminds me of an ethic I’ve seen repeated in sports anime. In a tournament, when a team loses, of course, they’re upset they lose (especially if they put in all their effort to succeed). However, the team that loses, cheers on the team that beat them, supporting them to go into the finals and win it all; because at worst, if the winning team wins it all, you lost to only the best.

I think these are two examples of what it means to be a gracious loser. Losing will happen. Don’t be afraid to lose… be afraid you didn’t train or try hard enough to win. If you put everything on the line and lose regardless, that means you only need to work harder to get to where your definition of success is.

Go Warriors

Nicko Kim

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Brain Mapping, A.I., and a Feature Film, OH MY!

In the season finale, Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast has a very intriguing conversation with co-directors/producers, Benjamin T. Wilson, and Jess Paul. Jess is the lead actress of Indie film “Galatea” which will be premiering at the Austin Film Revolution Festival. No stone goes unturned in this candid conversation that ranges from artificial intelligence, robots, and brain mapping to chess, all while celebrating this colorful feature film.

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Going Plus Altru… istic: Assessing animal consciousness and altruism

Is a cat ethnocentric
Or egocentric
Because it doesn’t understand the dog?
 How about a human?

I wanted to start this blog with a poem I wrote about an observation and thought. To link two thoughts together like a ball tethered to a pole, I wanted to play with the idea of assessing altruism and post humanism (the pole in this metaphor is altruism… not post humanism… I know, I can be more creative). I wanted to write about this because it furthers the most recent episode The Psyche-Delic Podcast did, and it was on animal consciousness, episode 19. Something entertaining is that our 20th episode will be a live show, so come check it out!

It is because of altruism, I consider the concept of animal consciousness and how we choose to communicate to animals (and how they choose to communicate to us). I have a husky. There are times when I’ve found myself trying to understand what she is telling me. I know I’m not the only pet owner to attempt to understand their dog, but I wonder how often an owner will project what their pet is saying opposed to what they’re actually communicating. I know I’ve done it multiple times and it has upset my dog. For example, she would lick my hand, and that to me would sometimes mean she wants to go out and use the bathroom. But, then I take her out and she just wants to play. Sometimes, she’s put her nose in the area on my body that the bodily fluids come out of (she’ll stick her face in my crotch if she needs to pee, and same to my butt if she needs to poo). Recently, however, it seems to translate to “I just want to go out.”

The reason I wrote the poem was because of an interaction I saw between my dog and my twin brother’s cat Calcifer. When Sansa, my dog, first moved with me to my parents’ basement, the cat could not stand Sansa. He’d communicate it by hissing and arching is back, placing his front paws forward (which to Sansa looks a whole lot like the body language of “play” in dogs). It felt to me in Sansa’s perspective they could be saying the same thing with their bodies and tone. Seeing them learn to communicate to the point of Calcifer teaching Sansa to just stay the f away from him was funny. But, Sansa still tried to play with him (and he’d hate it).

I think we (myself included) have a lot to learn with how to communicate with animals. When I first got my dog, the individual going through the paperwork with me informed me that dogs can be communicated at by clicks and whistles. Taking into consideration the Sapir-Worf principle of, “the actions you take, and the decisions you make are strictly dictated by the languages you speak” I wonder if learning to “ speak” to dogs would impact one’s ability to comprehend the consciousness of their animal.

Furthermore, I wonder how we can bridge that gap of understanding; where we can understand our animals even more than we already do. I think it would take generations and breeding to be successful. Especially because most animals are adopted and hardly bred in the same families nowadays, I think this could be attributing to the disconnect between humans and other animals and being able to communicate to one-another properly… but I won’t knock the progress we’ve already seen.

Nicko Kim

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Human VS. Animal Consciousness

The Rat Park experiment to study addiction in humans, The Theory of Caring, The Ultimatum Game, and many other topics are addressed in this important discussion. Can animals experience feelings of empathy, compassion, and other emotions, or are they just empty beings? To what degree can we compare the sentience of animals to that of humans? In this full-panel discussion, Nicko, Chris AKA “Cappy”, Rob, and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast discuss the age-old discussion of Human vs. Animal Consciousness. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel to watch our season finale at Visit to check out our friend’s show.”

Dreams, Psychic Abilities, and MK-Ultra

The Psyche-Delic Podcast speaks about their own experiences with lucid dreams, the possibilities of astral projection, and its’ correlation with CIA experiments. The declassified Stargate archives, MK-Ultra, mind control, and the link between “The Catcher in the Rye” and John Lennon’s untimely death are analyzed.

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Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

Get a glimpse into the mysterious world of astral projection, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming as Dawn of The Psyche-Delic Podcast gets an inside look at another plane of existence with an anonymous guest. Is this something magical and wonderous or ominous and sinister? Would you ever try to have an out-of-body experience or let fear take control? Why did the CIA do extensive research and launch various projects to experiment with astral projection? Consider this a warm-up to our full panel discussion on Astral Projection being released this Sunday.

Self-Projected Ethics: A root of anger

We as humans have defined for ourselves a code of conduct and ethics for actions we take and decisions we make. We all have a definition of what “right” looks like in our head. Thus, when we see another act in a way that goes against what we have defined as what right looks like, we get angry. This is in all contexts where one can define a “right” action.

For some examples, I asked The Psyche-Delic Podcast Facebook group what made people angry. These were some responses: “People who argue their point online who don’t back their argument and instead try using personal attacks.” “People who come into the lift without letting people out first.” “People who cut me off when I’m speaking… then have the nerve to say ‘let me finish’ when I speak again.” “When someone says homosexuality is a choice.” “When I have a great plan. All the T’s are dotted and I’s crossed and it falls apart.” I’ll also add the thing that makes me the maddest; when people pee on toilet seats and don’t clean up after themselves.

I’ve come to the conclusion in my observation (that didn’t just begin with the Facebook question) that when self projected ethics are defied by those that are the target of the projection, this is the root of most, if not all, anger. In each example voiced above, every single response has a projection of ethics and a defiant being/thing that defies the projected ethic. To use my example, I project the ethic that if I pee on a toilet seat, I should clean it up. If someone does not exhibit this ethic, then I get angry at that individual. For the first example, in arguing online, or just debating by itself, a person who holds the ethic that when they present a claim, having a source to back claim is far more superior than engaging in ad hominem. Thus, since one holds that ethic for themself, it angers them when another goes against that ethic.

I can keep going for all examples, exhibiting how each is an example of projected ethics being defied by the one that is the target of the projection, but, I think my two example are sufficient for sentient beings. Assessing non-sentient beings like a project or plan, Chris “Cappy,” one of the Psyche-Delic Podcast’s co-hosts, says the thing that makes him angry is, “When I have a great plan. All the T’s are dotted and I’s crossed and it falls apart.” Thus, the thing that receives the projected ethics is the plan itself. One puts in the effort to make everything correct, thus in their head the concept of “correctness” is applied to the plan or task at hand. And when that plan, burdened with the ethic of correctness, fails, it angers the one who felt the plan should work, because everything was “correct.” Thus, the self projected ethic of correctness was projected to the plan, and the plan failed, defying the ethic of correctness that was projected.

I have to observe way more instances of anger, but, I feel that the concept is a nice blanket to cover a lot of triggers in anger.

Can you think of an example of anger derived from something that doesn’t fit the description of “when self-projected ethics are defied by those that are the target of the projection”? I’d love to see other examples!

Nicko Kim

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The Psyche-Delic Pod vCon Appearance

By Dawn Wallace, resident shaman

Talk about a rocket-ship to the moon! Our first convention attendance was a slam-dunk and we are still sailing on it.

Let me start by explaining that it was a virtual convention hosted through Facebook and StreamYard because Covid, which needs no introduction. It was free to attend, you just had to get your show on the roster in a timely manner. Almost two full days of nonstop podcasting brought to you by a wonderful team of panelists and veteran podcasters who organized the whole thing and gave us each 45 minute slots.

The Psyche-Delic Podcast got to go up first after the introduction and we were stoked to do so. We were ready with our notes, which we barely used, our mics functioned correctly the entire time, video quality was on point and we had a blast being ourselves.

The goal was to talk a bit about how we do things, to shed some light on the behind the scenes makings of TPDP. While we did discuss how the show came about, how we all met, what we each brought to the show and some of our handy-dandy tools, we also ranted, teased each other and laughed the whole time.

There was eye-rolling because Rob can’t seem to remember that I have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, which I mention every other episode. There was teasing from Tina about how I say “themselves” which is apparently “cute” and with a “twang.” Ya girl is kinda country. *shrug* There was some slight cussing from Rob but only because Tina told him not to. Tina and I did that thing a couple times where we are having the same thought, saying the same sentence or making the same face or gesture. We can’t help it. We are basically the same person. It’s a thing. There was also a sort of shocking moment with a taser. True story.

There was even some ranty magic when I went off on Rob about how he edited one show, even though I give him major props for what he does for us on a regular basis. It’s become sort of the norm for him to stay up all night editing our episode so it can release on time, and that’s no small feat considering before this whole thing launched, he had never done any type of sound editing before. Ever. He is truly a jack of all trades and learns new skills as needed. He makes it look easy, but he busts his butt doing it.

It was a ton of fun interacting with live commentators while recording, though I couldn’t see the comments on my screen. Tina could and she filled me in, and after the show I went back and read through them and felt so humbled by the support. It blew my mind to know each show that came after us mentioned TPDP (Tina stayed up all night to watch every single podcast while I went to bed), and the video of our live stream hit 1,500 views not even 24 hours after posting. I still can’t believe that. People are sharing and commenting and watching us and our show is only about three months old! It also led to us launching our YouTube channel which we talked about in the past but now we had a good reason to go through with it.

It’s been so fun watching it all come together. We run like a business, and stay organized like we’ve been around for years. We adjust as we need to, stay flexible with each other but maintain our common goals and stay on track because of that (and because Tina makes sure we do). Our love for spreading our personal messages and speaking on subjects that really make us think and discover new perspectives keeps us going. Our fans keep us going. You reading this right now, you keep us going. So thank you.

And BIG THANKS to the crew from Pod vCon! What you did for podcasters was incredible, and I can’t wait to see where this takes everyone who participated. We made new friends and learned so much, it’s impossible to forget. Your efforts are deeply appreciated and I’m already looking forwad to Pod vCon 2.0!

P.S. Special shout-out to our first sponsor! Jupiter Organic CBD Drops (USDA Certified) has decided to give our listeners a 10% discount when they use promo code TINA at checkout!

-Dawn out.

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