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Artie Hoffman, celebrity psychic and medium has read over 30,000 people in his career. In this episode, Artie talks about several subjects that may seem “taboo” but whether you’re a believer or not, he’s ready to prove something! Some of our lucky viewers/commenters were given answers they sought out. With a massive following on social media, a new book dropping this fall, and a gift that most of us wish we could attain, Artie Hoffman is truly one of a kind. When you think of psychics or mediums, most of us don’t think of someone that’s humorous or down to earth, however, this man is all of that. Style, class, and authenticity is what makes up Artie. So many subjects are touched on in this episode, including: relationship advice, “Artie Parties,” and speaking to those on the “other side.” Monthly, Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast will be hosting livestreams with him on her Facebook and our Youtube channel. All of the links are here: The Psyche-Delic Podcast Links
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You can request readings by visiting Artie Hoffman’s Official Site and like his Facebook page: Artie Hoffman’s Angels and Answers where you can see his past weekly free readings, or participate in upcoming ones. If you’re interested in his book, visit his website or find it on Amazon! Thank you to Ballpoint for the song.

0:00:40 Introducing Artie
0:10:40 “God and the angels speak to everybody, pay attention to the signs”
0:11:20 Relationships 
0:27:00 Artie party stories
0:35:00 “For love not greed”
0:39:00 Readings for the commenters
1:09:00 Why you should read this…

Drug Addiction: A Better Way to Recover?

Have you lost a loved one from substance abuse addiction? Have you suffered it yourself? There are ways to recover, but is the current model for recovery homes substantial, especially now? As we deal with this pandemic, the drug epidemic only gets worse and there needs to be changes to help those in these dire situations. The Psyche-Delic Podcast welcomes Chase Hill in this episode, a recovering cocaine addict. He proves that you can overcome past traumas as he shares life experiences and his mission to revolutionize recovery.

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Song: “Under a Scorching Sun”
Song: “Cosmic Warp”



Superstitions and Old Wives’ Tales

The first all-female panel on our show is here to discuss SUPERSTITIONS! Tina Marie, Dawn, and Cammy from “Mythstorie” engage in a fun and light-hearted discussion on an often “taboo” topic. Do you believe that superstitions, religion, and magic share a connection? Filipino, Hindi, and American old wives tales’ and superstitions are recollected by the group. What are some superstitions you can think of that might turn up in books of the future? Let us know by sending us a comment on our Facebook page which is in the first following link! We do live-streams at random, join us by following us on Facebook or YouTube.
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Song Credit: “Magic Field” by Particle House

01:40 Let the Superstition Quiz Begin!
05:10 Dangerous knives?
06:22 A weird chant
07:45 “Don’t sweep under my feet” (Why? Find out).
08:08 Thank you trees
08:58 What is de ja vu?
10:50 “Unclean spirits can’t cross running water” Hauntingly Yours Podcast
12:00 Odd and even numbers… Which is lucky in Hindu culture?
12:30 Funny Korean stories and superstitions
13:30 How to not catch a snake
14:15 Old wives’ tales
14:50 Don’t sing while eating 
15:20 Great theories and stories
16:20 Nursey rhymes’ sinister side
17:15 The Philippines, fasting and astral projection
19:50 Undo your belt at the table, please
20:30 Uninvented superstitions
22:20 You could become A.I.
22:40 Psychics- Show sponsored by celebrity psychic and medium Artie Hoffman
25:12 Deep sea fishermen superstition study
26:10 “Anxiety is advantageous”
27:00 Luck and superstition? Negative or positive?
28:40 Crossing your fingers and TRUE ghost stories
31:40 Precursor to magic, religion or energy
32:40 Sneezing and love interests
35:02 Don’t snort weed, thank you and goodbye


Menstrual cups and Mindfulness in Mumbai

By Dawn Wallace, resident Shaman

Image by Robert Trimpert made with Canva

A young, female entrepreneur in Bombay (Mumbai), India created a safe space for the first time for many, introducing judgement-free expression and menstrual cups, among other things.

In our most recent interview, Maitreyi Bhatia (24) talks about starting a business out of boredom in college, and quickly surpassing her own expectations in sales. She printed her provocative, pop-culture style art onto products, sold them at local colleges and quickly became a social media favorite. Back in December, when I was visiting India, she and I were out shopping one evening and she told me about how people randomly come up to her at coffee shops and say they’ve seen her on Instagram. People send her pictures of themselves with her products regularly.

While in college, she noticed that people were arguing, but not conversing. As a result, much was going unsaid. If you think back to our podcast creation story, that’s exactly the same observation Tina Marie made, which prompted this whole adventure! Maitreyi took the opportunity to ask people to submit anonymous opinions to an online platform, and it blew up. She created what she called the Controversial Opinions Zine and pushed through many hesitations to bring people in Mumbai one of the first ever safe spaces for judgement free opinion sharing.

She has a way of introducing firsts. She talks about making the switch, or “cup-verting” to a menstrual cup and quickly switching gears to introduce it to as many women as possible. I’m not sure how many lives she must have changed with that also somewhat controversial switch, but it definitely impacted the environment. According to, tampons and pads make up around 200,000 tons of waste per year!

She’s only 24, but she doesn’t cease to impress with just this. She started attending her local New Acropolis chapter. It’s an organization centered around mindful teachings across various cultures and religions. She says it feels like home, and during the lockdown classes went online. Hear the latest episode to learn how this impacted her business strategies and to take in her bubbly personality. She inspires us all.

Spirituality and Mindfulness with a Young Female Entrepreneur

Dawn is joined by an inspirational young lady based out of Bombay, named Maitreyi Bhatia, who is breaking all kinds of stigmas and stereotypes in Indian culture through her plethora of talents, which she attributes to her spirituality and The New Acropolis. She is a philanthropist, social media strategist, business owner, artist and tarot reader. The importance of meditation, mindfulness and grounding is also discussed during this time where the next global crisis seems to always be right around the corner. To tune in to the next live reading with Dawn and Tina Marie, please click on the first link in our description and subscribe to our YouTube on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for updates. Check out Maitreyi’s beautiful artwork on any of the links following!
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Maitreyi’s Art
Say It With a Pin by: Maitreyi Bhatia
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Season 2 Official Trailer

If you’re looking for a podcast that provides you different perspectives and angles on all things regarding the human mind and the society we live in, you’ve come to the right place. Join your favorite panel of non-experts Tina Marie, Rob, Dawn, Nicko and Chris as they engage in meaningful and enlightening conversations with an air of humor you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t be shy, rate, review, and subscribe. Social media links, all listening platforms, and YouTube channel can be found in this link: The Psyche-Delic Podcast Links
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True Crime, Cold Cases, and the Macabre

In this information packed, yet somehow very funny episode, the Psyche-Delic Podcast assesses all things true crime, the macabre and delves into serial killers, unsolved mysteries, cold cases, car thieves, petty crimes and “fun” facts in this interesting discussion on a very popular genre.

Song: Franz Gordon- We Were Like That

True Crime, Cold Cases, and The Macabre

In this information packed, yet somehow very funny episode, the Psyche-Delic Podcast assesses all things true crime, the macabre and delves into serial killers, unsolved mysteries, cold cases, car thieves, petty crimes and “fun” facts in this interesting discussion on a very popular genre.

Song: Franz Gordon- We Were Like That

Be still & learn: The next wave of Recession

Written by Dawn Wallace

School is starting back up across the country and it looks completely different from household to household, due to Covid-19. Some kids are back in school full-time, with a few tweaks such as mask wearing and social distancing. Some are learning remotely from home. Some are doing a bit of both, while some have gone completely to homeschooling. If you can afford to stay home, the options are clear; support your child’s formal education. But what if you can’t?

You’ve heard it almost all year. “Due to Covid… due to covid..” So, here’s one more. According to the Census Bureau, over 13 million Americans are now unemployed due to childcare restricted due to covid-19. Folks, that’s a significant portion of the middle class of America. The workers. The taxpayers. The backbone of this economy. Nurses, bankers, etc.

I’ve seen countless mothers struggling with the choice: Do I stay home with my child, or do I work and pay bills? You likely know someone making this choice, or you are having to make this choice yourself. Some households will be able to make it work on one income, making painful cuts and hard adjustments. But I fear for the single parents with no support network, with the children’s grandparents also working or too far away (physically or emotionally) to commit to looking after the child(ren). How does one choose between the safety of the child in the immediate, and feeding, housing and transporting the family?

This isn’t to shame anyone for their choices; most people are doing the best they can with what they’ve got. Most people have to work to earn money to live in this society, and that means children go to daycare as young as 3-4 weeks old, and remain under the watch of trained facilitators until they are 18 years old, transitioning from daycare to public school after a few years. It’s over-simplified, but in fact true. Public school serves as a type of secondary childcare. Parents across the country have relied on this system for a few decades, but now the plug has been pulled out, and hardworking people who did everything by the book are the victims of this massive shift.

I couldn’t sleep properly for a few days because I kept seeing the facebook posts from these mothers replaying in my head. Their words chased me into my bubble, some would call it privilege. I made the choice to stay home with my children, a decision my husband and I made before we got married. A pact I made with myself and my kids that no matter what, we would make it work on one income and I’d be the main caregiver and educator. But I’m well aware of the fact that not everyone can do this. It’s how I was raised. I was the latchkey kid who went to daycare until my parents were done with work. After school, around 3rd grarde, I would walk to my mother’s office in the library and sit quietly and do my homework there, trying not to be seen or heard, until she was done with her shift. I carried enough cash to get fresh fries on my way home, passing a gyros stand run by Greeks, and I knew where to hide from the bullies that followed me for a few blocks.

I’m no stranger to poverty, or hardships that come with being raised in a single parent household. And I can smell the recession around the corner, as well. It hit when I was in college and sent me into a panic, thinking I’d never find a job after graduation. Jobs were gone.

We rebuilt the economy a bit in the past 13 years but now “due to covid” things are burning down again. Now we’ve messed with the income of the suburban mom, and that’s like lighting the tail of a tiger on fire.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but while many adjust to the new school situation over the course of the next few weeks, please be kind to one another. Parents are trying their hardest to cope with a situation they’ve never been in before, and many are completely struggling. If you’re not struggling, please reach out to someone who is or may be and offer your help. Offer to stay with the child if you can for a day or two each week so the parents can keep their jobs. Offer up your wi-fi password if you know your neighbor is not able to connect to the internet (you can limit the time other devices log on). Bring a meal to someone, or a beer and hear them. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken, remember; people’s pride is tied up in their profession. Be a good neighbor, friend, grandparent, co-parent, whatever it takes. This is no time for ego. This is a time to be there for the children. If ever there was need for a village, it’s now.

Interview with a Time Traveler

Written by Dawn Wallace

An old friend of mine happens to be one of the strongest astral projectors around. That means he can leave his body and go places at will, while sleeping. I interviewed him one on one, and he shall remain nameless, but you can hear the full half hour interview here.

Astral projection has become a mainstream topic as of late because the Central Intelligence Agency recently released declassified documents (as part of the STARGATE library) revealing human tests that show this is completely real and how it can be used. While they used it to spy on other countries, map unknown geographical locations and uncover hidden military equipment, my friend (whom I’ll refer to as the time traveler going forward) uses it to explore the cosmos.

On The Psyche-Delic Podcast, we followed up the riveting interview with a panel discussion on astral projection, lucid dreaming and MK Ultra. These things are all related because we are more than just our physical bodies. We are not only biological beings, but energy beings, and souls who can surpass the boundaries of the here and now time-space continuum to go beyond this world. My time traveling friend has done just that; traveled to other times and places, explored untold universes and seen and experienced things only his perception can grasp at best.

Most of this happens in the dream state, but a handful of people (presumably more) can achieve an out-of-body state while awake. One such person described in the panel discussion was part of a science experiment and shared her story there.

While that’s all fun and cool and stuff, the dark side of this can be seen in the MK Ultra experiments we discussed. Previous to the discussion, I had not heard about this, but I’ve been told there are plenty of accounts on YouTube that describe this government experiment and the victims of this that remained afterwards were given a hefty settlement and have never been the same since. Essentially, the government ran a myriad of cruel tests on people to gauge their ability to leave their body, use their extrasensory perceptions and manipulate their untold powers. This is not sci-fi, this is legit real life.

We have these abilities within us. We can leave our bodies, float way into oblivion, we can travel to different worlds and see well beyond the here and now. The Time Traveler talks about how to grow your own abilities, how to harness your inner powers to achieve these states and what that feels like.

Exploring what exactly consciousness is grew into a larger discussion that the panel took on in the episode next: Human vs Animal Consciousness.

The Psyche-Delic Podcast Episodes can be found here.

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