Interview with a Time Traveler

Written by Dawn Wallace An old friend of mine happens to be one of the strongest astral projectors around. That means he can leave his body and go places at will, while sleeping. I interviewed him one on one, and he shall remain nameless, but you can hear the full half hour interview here. AstralContinue reading “Interview with a Time Traveler”

Going Plus Altru… istic: Assessing animal consciousness and altruism

Is a cat ethnocentricOr egocentricBecause it doesn’t understand the dog? How about a human? I wanted to start this blog with a poem I wrote about an observation and thought. To link two thoughts together like a ball tethered to a pole, I wanted to play with the idea of assessing altruism and post humanism (theContinue reading “Going Plus Altru… istic: Assessing animal consciousness and altruism”

Self-Projected Ethics: A root of anger

We as humans have defined for ourselves a code of conduct and ethics for actions we take and decisions we make. We all have a definition of what “right” looks like in our head. Thus, when we see another act in a way that goes against what we have defined as what right looks like,Continue reading “Self-Projected Ethics: A root of anger”

I have holes in my skull, but I’ve not been shot at

It is not from recently listening to the episode, but thinking about it, I talk about Part 2 of the America vs. Canada Face off episode. The episode opens with discussion about how difficult it is to get into the Army. Our co-host Dawn talks about such difficulties by illustrating that by taking any formContinue reading “I have holes in my skull, but I’ve not been shot at”

Bridging the gap between the male and female brain and body

So… I don’t really know how to begin this… there are so many rhetorical approaches to come in with, so I decided to choose this one. I think it’s the best start to transition into the catalyst of this article (is that what a blog story is called? Blog paper? Blog blog?). Anyway, this allContinue reading “Bridging the gap between the male and female brain and body”

Virtue Signaling: assessing euphemisms and dysphemisms

“Netflix and Chill” implies and alludes to more than hanging out while watching an episode of Black Mirror. Such implications make it safe to label “Netflix and Chill” as a euphemism of “have sex.” Growing up, I’ve heard a lot of things labeled as a euphemism; and with some kind of Freudian undertone, the onesContinue reading “Virtue Signaling: assessing euphemisms and dysphemisms”

Meet The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Hey Psyche-Squad, it’s your host Tina Marie here! I’m so excited to introduce to you guys… THE FANTABULOUS PEOPLE OF OUR CAST! I think it’s only fair that you have the chance to put faces to our voices, see a little background on who we are and gain insight to our shared dream. Oddly enough,Continue reading “Meet The Psyche-Delic Podcast”

Pandemic to Podcast

Podcasts and blogs are like bacon and eggs. Spaghetti and meatballs. Wine and cheese. Rob here, co-host of The Psyche-Delic Podcast. With my first blog attempt (in my whole life), I will do my best to pay tribute to these notorious complimentary duos whilst trying to suppress your urge to add on to your alreadyContinue reading “Pandemic to Podcast”

“I think ‘challenging God’ is a way to reframe self-actualization. It is because people challenge a god that they come to self-actualize.”

To the first readers, and all else who come, hello and welcome! Nicko Kim here to hemorrhage my head into this blog (subdural hematoma boy back at it again); and it’s only apt that the first blog will cover an idea shared in the first episode of our podcast. I decided to write about thisContinue reading ““I think ‘challenging God’ is a way to reframe self-actualization. It is because people challenge a god that they come to self-actualize.””

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