Southern Charm and The Wild West with Director Bill Foster | Livestream

Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast interviews director, writer, and actor Bill Foster in this captivating interview. This true southern gentleman speaks candidly about his journey and experiences in the film industry. Coming from humble beginnings, Bill is enjoying early success as a director in his endeavors. In just 4 years in the industry, Bill has already won several awards for his screenplay “I’ve Got Your 6” and just wrapped “Showdown on the Brazos,” with many ideas in place for future production. A true connoisseur at creating the perfect time period piece, Mr. Foster has a unique ability to truly captivate his audience with his attention to detail and precision. Link to the livestream:

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“Showdown on the Brazos”

“I’ve Got Your 6”

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“West of the Soul” By: River Foxcroft

“Cowboy Song” By: Sight of Wonders

1:00 A Famous Hat

3:50 Wild West Costuming

5:00 Time Period Correct

5:30 The Effects of Covid on Set

7:20 “A Big, Big Shoot!”

8:25 Jeff Davis

10:10 “Tell the Devil I Said Hello”

10:40 The Art of Casting Extras

11:45 When the Outlaws Take Over the Town

13:15 Real Guns on Set

14:40 1880’s Wardrobe

16:30 Accessorizing a Cowboy

18:20 The Austin Film Festival

18:40 A Cast Full of Veterans

19:00 Award-Winning Short “I’ve Got Your 6”

19:20 Getting Started in the Film Industry

19:50 James Parks and Christoph Waltz

20:15 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

20:50 “Showdown on the Brazos”

21:50 Future Projects

24:05 The Role of a Strong Woman

25:10 A Vietnam War Playwright

28:40 Quail Whistle Vineyard

30:00 “I Heard The Quail Whistle

31:00 “Showdown on the Guadalupe”

33:20 Sabrehead

35:00 Stephen F. Austin and The Texas Rangers

36:50 “Fear The Walking Dead”

39:40 Meeting Pierce Brosnan

40:45 Evan Evans and Bill Evans

41:00 The Coen Brothers

42:55 Bill’s Style of Directing

43:40 Tips for Extras

45:35 Realistic Sets

46:50 Bill’s Inspiration

47:35 Coloration

48:40 Research

49:30 Drinking Beer in The Vietnam War

50:50 Words of Advice

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