Narcissism Miniseries Pt.2

In this consecutive panel episode, The Psyche-Delic Podcast discusses the five sub-categories of narcissism not listed in the DSM-5. Many references are made to serial killers such as Arthur Shawcross, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein. Personal experiences are shared such as past relationships with narcissists, gaslighting, cheating and parental influence. Narcissistic abuse is touched on and Ep. 3 will be all about this topic. If you are in this type of relationship, get out before it is too late. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and things always get better with time. If you are suffering from narcissistic abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or e-mail us at


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1:20 Sub-categories of Narcissism
1:30 The Amorous Narcissist
2:45 Arthur Shawcross “The Genessee River Killer”
3:20 The Unprincipled Narcissist
5:00 The Arrogance of Ted Bundy
6:00 Two Sides to Every Story
6:45 We All Display Some Traits
7:20 Compensatory Narcissism
8:30 John Wayne Gacy’s Over-compensation
9:50 Napolean Complex
11:00 Dawn’s Ex’s
11:55 Chris’ Ex
12:00 Gaslighting
13:15 “Everybody in High School was a Narcissist”
13:40 Conscious vs. Unconscious
14:20 365 Broadcasting Shoutout
14:25 The Elitist Narcissist
15:20 Growing Up Around Narcissism
16:00 Tina’s Realization
16:45 Baby Boomers
18:15 Chris’ Retail Experiences
19:35 Audible Sponsorship Ad
20:30 The Normal Narcissist
21:15 Not a Team Player
21:45 Participation Trophies
23:00 Ed Gein’s Mommy Issues
24:15 “Funny How That Works”
25:10 Tina Mocks Rascal Flatts
25:40 Inro to Narcissistic Abuse (Ep. 3 Topic)
28:40 Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
30:00 Dawn’s Testimony
32:45 Chris’ Testimony
35:55 Get Out Before It’s Too Late
35:55 “If They Are Cheating On You, Leave”
36:55 A Light at the End of the Tunnel
37:15 We Are Here For You

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