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Hey Psyche-Squad, it’s your host Tina Marie here! I’m so excited to introduce to you guys… THE FANTABULOUS PEOPLE OF OUR CAST! I think it’s only fair that you have the chance to put faces to our voices, see a little background on who we are and gain insight to our shared dream.

Oddly enough, this podcast was birthed out of a Facebook rant and evolved into a shared vision at the height of the pandemic. Are you tired of listening to conversations that become one-sided or discussions that start civil and turn unpleasant? I know I am. And so it began…

There is something unequivocally special about each individual within our group. To me, their quintessential minds are the epitome of what free-thinking needs to look like. What I find particularly disappointing in social settings, is the ignorant and uninformed way many tend to approach discussion. The Psyche-Cast wants to offer an alternative to the way society converses and debates with one another. We believe we can modify this concept in a genuinely raw and respectful manner by highlighting the famous saying, “agree to disagree.” This idea seems to be fundamentally lacking in this modern era. We believe we bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the conversational realm while unveiling the true meaning of free speech.

Prepare to meet a tribe unlike any you have ever witnessed. We all strive to find belonging in this world, but it is truly enchanting when people from all walks of life are graciously gifted with a platform to stand upon and voice our (mostly positive) opinions to a decaying society.

The Psyche-Delic Podcast is comprised of a group of every-day extraordinary humans that give doctors and philosophers a run for their money. Call us the “Jacks and Jills” of a trade that has yet to be named. We want to express our knowledge and wisdom to add multi-dimensional perspectives on familiar (sometimes unfamiliar) and thought-provoking topics. Delve with us into the lightest and darkest facets of the human psyche. Join us along our journey; you just might catch a glimpse into the metaphysical expression of our souls.

What People Say via Apple Podcasts

This is an amazing podcast!!! The hosts have an excellent way to make you think differently, with their different backgrounds (from poets, to social anthropologists, to conspiracy theorists), opinions, and expertise they create a very unique way to talk about daily topics that need to be talked about from racism to marijuana use, this is the podcast you need to tune in.

Andrea Munoz

“The host has a great panel that seems to all have different perspectives on all topics. Having listened from the first episode, which just came out last month I think… There’s noticeable improvement with every episode. Out of the box opinions, facts, eccentric guests and seamless humor are what makes this a must-listen show.”


“Everyone has a hot take on a hot topic, but what’s so refreshing is that the hosts are so open-minded and don’t seem to come into discussing those topics with preconceived notions. Definitely a fun listening and love the attitude that they take with each topic.”


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Hey! It’s Tina Marie, host of The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Tina Marie Trimpert, claims to be a “one and done” mother. She is the loving wife of Robert Trimpert and their beautiful daughter, Aurora. Can you guess her nationality? You’re probably mistaken. Born in Tokyo, Japan, doesn’t mean she’s Japanese. Hailing from a Filipina mother and Norwegian father, she was raised on and around military bases across the world. Blessed to experience many different cultures, she learned to speak four languages fluently and believes that every human is perfect, even when they feel insignificant. Trauma, loss, and depression are not unfamiliar to her, yet she remains in tact, as you can see. Former SAG actress and model, she doubted herself often, feeling as if the world was an unfair competition in an unbeatable game. After dealing with her personal demons, she learned how to properly grieve, substitute loneliness with love, and continues to keep pushing to be a better person no matter what curve-balls are thrown.

Hello, it’s Dawn Wallace of The Psyche-Delic Podcast!

Dawn Wallace is a well traveled third-culture person, mother and army wife with a degree in Cultural Anthropology who spent most of her career as a journalist. Now she’s pursuing her dream as a homesteader and homeschooling her children in North Carolina. Dawn dabbles in art and spiritual practices, loves to be outdoors and is an amateur hobby naturalist. The resident shaman of the show brings a unique, esoteric flavor to the podcast team.

Whaddaya know, it’s Nicko Kim of The Psyche-Delic Podcast

Nicko Kim is a poetry slam champion, published author, and student to life. He was raised in a military family and currently resides in McHenry, Illinois, where he’ll be starting his Master’s degree in English at Northern Illinois University. He got his bachelor’s degree in English, as well.
He works for a company as a youth care worker, helping young men growing up in the foster care system. Self-proclaimed memesmith, Nicko is a poet, song writer/singer, and rapper. Wrapping together all of his experiences throughout his life into the whole package that is his art.

Holy smokes, it’s Chris Capstaff of The Psyche-Delic Podcast alongside his beautiful wife, Jess!

Hello I’m Christopher, I’m just your normal true crime, gaming, macabre, and history junkie. I’m from a small town in North Carolina renowned for its golf. I’m married to a wonderful woman who puts up with my various interests, and odd desire for historical items. I joined the crew a few weeks in after reviewing the amazing content offered from a blooming podcast. I found it insightful, comical, and engaging. As an avid listener of usually more macabre subjects I found a nice break with this ensemble of humans. My goal in life is to become a counselor, to assist people through dark times and maybe help overcome. I tend to be a bit comedic, and once you get me going I won’t stop.

Boom! It’s Robert Trimpert of The Psyche-Delic Podcast!

Hi, my name is, what? My name is, who? My name is, chka-chka, Robert Trimpert. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina. I descended from an honest ancestry of hard-working hat and belt makers. Exciting times. This explains why I’m allured to hands-on activities. At some point, a member of the family made it big in the corporate world and decided to condemn the very path in which he came from, broke the law and supreme court hearings proceeded (see Wolthausen v Trimpert). I come from a bloodline of good and bad but who doesn’t? I spent my happiest years in North Yorkshire, England on a base because my dad was Navy. This set the standard of my expectation for life to be somewhat joyous. At one time or another, we all get tainted by the world though. Once we realize that, we learn to grow and adapt and that’s something I’ve always been adept at. I grew up playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, racket-ball, and just about any other sport, you can think of. I appreciate these skills I developed but these games were only a deterrent to the greatness I know I can become.  I spent most of my years in Maryland where I learned how to be a bully to fit in, try to people please, and be as popular as possible. I’m not that person anymore. Tripping on acid, I had a massive awakening in the form of a Bob Marley concert on Youtube. Countless doorways unlocked in my brain. My friend ensued to make it rain with his tears(literally). I recognized that divine things happen. I realized the meaning of life on this one unforgettable night. The answer to life is love. I value all walks of life and strive to further my intellect and search for wisdom in whatever way I can. My beautiful wife and sweet daughter are what drive me to stay balanced and become a better person. This podcast, that my wife and I share is all I’ve ever wanted and I didn’t realize it until it became a reality. I want to share my experiences and learn from others to grow more. So here I am. GOD is great.

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We are a phenomenal group of opinionated and overall excellent humans just trying to understand the human psyche. Lots of laughter, learning, and interesting topics every week. Https://

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